• About Us

Who we are

Our Vision

To enrich Windcliffe and the communities that surround it.

Our Mission

To help our members prosper in all they do.

Our Values


We work together to make sure our members can live life to the fullest.


We believe in the work we do and put our all into helping our members achieve their goals.


We put our members and their needs first in everything we do.  

Where we came from


The Windcliffe Farmers Guild forms AgriFI Credit Union to serve local farmers


AgriFI provides its first loan to William Sherbrook Sr. for two Angus cows


AgriFI opens to the public and founds its first branch on Windcliffe Main Street


AgriFI merges with Windcliffe Energy Credit Union to become Sample Savings


Sample Savings launches its School Cents Program


Sample Savings hits a milestone 10,000 members


​Sample Savings opens its third branch in East Windcliffe 


The Sample Savings Arena opens to the public

​Who's guiding us

Your financial well-being is our top priority

​That’s why we’re proud to have some of the brightest minds in Canada leading the way for Sample Savings.

What our members have to say

​We love our members and we’re happy to hear that they love us too. Check out what both our business and personal members have to say about banking with Sample Savings.

​​​Want to join a team that makes a difference in Windcliffe?

​Looking for an institution that puts you & your community first?

Where to find us

​Admin Center
144 Jarvis Rd.
W1W 1W1

​Main St. Branch
13 Main St.
W2W 2W2

​Kingston Branch
20 Kingston Rd.
W3W 3W3
East Windcliffe Branch
92 Barnaby St.
W4W 4W4