​​Leasing your way to business success.

Get the vehicles and equipment you need for your business without the heavy upfront cost. 

Commercial Vehicle Leasing

Similar to a long-term car rental, you get to use the vehicle for a specified amount of time in exchange for periodic payments. When your lease is over, you can return the vehicle or buy it for the residual value.

Commercial Equipment Leasing

Just like with a commercial vehicle lease, you get access to the equipment you need for a specified length of time in exchange for periodic payments. Once the lease is up, you can return or buy the machinery for its residual value.

Should I own or lease?

There are important differences between buying a vehicle or piece of equipment (either outright or with a loan) and leasing it. Consider both options before making your decision, or speak to one of our lending specialists for help.

Financing with a loan or buying outright  

  • You own the vehicle
  • Great if you want to keep your vehicle long-term
  • No worrying about wear and tear
  • Unlimited mileage – drive as much as you want
  • Customize your vehicle
  • Once the warranty is up, you’re in charge of repairs

Financing with a lease

  • Enjoy a new vehicle every few years
  • Access to upgraded versions of your current vehicle model
  • You’re responsible for vehicle maintenance
  • Set your own annual driving distance limits
  • Enjoy low monthly payments
  • Typical leases can be structured around a warranty period