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You have dreams for Windcliffe and we want to help make them happen. No idea is too big or too small when it comes to making our community even more vibrant.

Community Fund

​We set aside $20,000 a year, so we can contribute to the events, initiatives and community projects that make Windcliffe an even better place to live. Last year, we sponsored more than 15 events and helped the Windcliffe Community Center install accessibility features that ensure everyone can enjoy its amazing programs.

Financial Literacy

The sooner you learn to understand and manage money, the easier it is to build into your life. We want to make sure Windcliffe’s children start out with a strong foundation in financial literacy they can use to get ahead.

School Cents Program

​Our experts host monthly financial literacy workshops at the Windcliffe Kindergarten, Middle School and High School with games and exercises tailored to teach each age group the basics of budgeting, building credit, debt smarts, fraud prevention and investing. 

​Local Business

Local business is the beating heart of Windcliffe. From our bakeries and restaurants to our farms and growing tech community, these businesses help our economy thrive – and we believe our job is to help them do so.


​Every two weeks, we hold our BizConnect network events at the Sample Savings Arena. Bringing together businesses of all sizes, they give owners the opportunity to share insights and create partnerships that help everyone succeed. These events also include panel discussions, financial seminars and member-led Lunch & Learns. 


Where would Windcliffe be without our next generation? Your children are our future business owners and community leaders. It’s only right that we help them get the education they need to achieve their ambitions​

Scholarships & Bursaries

​Each year, we support high school students heading into post-secondary education, with $10,000 in scholarships and bursaries. These funds can be used for tuition, text books, accommodations and anything else these students need to reach their future goals without financial stress. 

Need help with your post-secondary education costs?

Have you got a community project you'd like our help with?