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​If you’re looking for a financial institution that puts your needs first, then you’ve found it. Sample Savings has gone above and beyond to help me. When I needed an emergency loan because my car died, they fast-tracked it so I could get in to work again. I wouldn’t bank anywhere else.

Luke Cage, Member for 15 years 

Sample Savings makes me feel like part of the family. When I walk into my local branch, everyone knows my name and the service is outstanding. I recently bought my first home and Jean Grey, my mortgage advisor, made everything less stressful by guiding me through the entire process, even working directly with my realtor. Couldn’t recommend them more!

Natasha Romanova, Member for 4 years

​My parents helped me set up my first account with Sample Savings last year and I couldn’t be happier. They’re always ready to answer my questions and I feel really secure in my money know-how now. I just got a student credit card and Clint Barton at the East Windcliffe branch walked me through all about how to build my credit score.

Reed Richards, Member for 1 year

​I had no idea business banking could go this smoothly. At the bank we were with before, we really felt like a number that no one cared about. Here if me or any of my team have a worry, Carol Danvers, our business advisor, is on the phone immediately to work it out. At this point, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Hank Pym, CEO of Big Box Supplies
​Business member for 3 years

​I love Sample Savings! I started TechTips last year without much business experience (coding is more my jam). John Jameson, my Sample Savings business advisor, went above and beyond to help me get set up and work through all the red tape. Can’t imagine any other financial institution going to those lengths to make sure I succeeded.

Kitty Pryde, Owner of TechTips Co.
​Business member for 1 year

Farming is an unpredictable industry and it can be hard to find financing that works for me. Sample Savings just gets it! My combine harvester bit the dust right at harvest time this year and they sprang into action so fast. Their AgriFinance loan came through within a week. It’s such a relief to work with a financial institution I know has my back even in tough times.

Bucky Barnes, Owner of Cornucopia Farms
Business member for 8 years 

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