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​Term Deposits

Great if you want to guarantee returns and protect your initial investment.

Mutual Funds

Great if you want a low effort, professionally-managed investment portfolio. 

Secure your money with 100% deposit insurance

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Get personalized financial advice from experts who put you first

​Want to invest but not sure where to start?

Our certified investment advisors can help you with everything from defining your goals and risk threshold to identifying and setting up the right investments for you. 

Lois Lane

Lois is a veteran of the investment world, with experience in wealth and investment management. She’s excited to put that knowledge to work for her clients. 


​Richard Grayson

​With a background in portfolio management, Richard has worked with a diverse range of clients to achieve their investing goals. 


Hal Jordan

​Well known in Windcliffe for his unicycle, Hal is also an investment advisor with 10 years of experience helping clients pinpoint the right investment strategy for them.


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